Which Car Category Shall I Book?

Our suppliers make available a variety of car rental sizes varying from small economy ones to large 4WD to multi-seater vehicles. The following pointers try to put light on the things that you must give some thought to while choosing:

  • Size: Think about the passengers and the luggage space simultaneously before deciding the car size.
  • Fuel efficiency: The most prominent rule about the fuel efficiency is that smaller the car more is its fuel efficiency. However, if you need a big one, consider 4WD vehicles and multi-seaters which have diesel engines; they will prove to be most efficient as diesel is comparatively cheaper in New Zealand.
  • Manual or automatic: Most of the cars in New Zealand are automatic, no wonder majority of the cars in the fleet offered by our suppliers are also automatic. In case you need a manual car, the chances are high that it might increase the car rental cost.
Car Rental Category

When to Visit New Zealand?

NZ bustles with activities and to-see things all over the year- this is so because New Zealand experiences great weather conditions throughout the year. Therefore one can visit NZ and have a great time irrespective of the season or the time of the year. Here are a few points that might help you plan well:

  • Make a list of your favorite activities, and check whether they are available or not in the season of you have chosen
  • Check whether the driving conditions during your favored season will be manageable or not.
  • Research the cost and availability of flights and accommodations etc in the season of your choice.
Visit New Zealand

Useful Information

  • Choose the Car Carefully: Do you need a manual or an automatic vehicle? Will you be in need of extras like sat-vat or baby seats? All such questions must be considered before deciding a car rental.
  • Check for Damages at the time of pickup: Though such cases are almost negligible with us yet in case there are damages, sign the damage inventory; also either click photographs or make videos of the damages found for future safety.
  • Make sure you have the copy of the contract: It is advised that while traveling NZ in your car hire, it is advised that you carry the copy of the car rental agreement as well as the insurance policy.
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Why Travel by a Car Rental?

A Car Rental offers:

  • Freedom: A car rental will allow you the freedom to travel early or stay late and hence will allow you to go places as per your own wish and whim.
  • Comfort: You will agree that usually comfort is not used simultaneously with the public transport; a sense of comfort and personal space that a car rental endows will be far better.
  • Cost: Unlike Asia where the cost of public transport is usually very cheap, this is not the case in NZ. Here, a car rental will be a great choice if you want to save some cash while traveling.
  • Convenient: With a car rental you don’t have to wait for the bus, don’t have to worry about how to return during wee hours and no need to opt for expensive cabs as the last resort!
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