Things to keep in mind while driving

Things to Keep in Mind

  • Who can drive in NZ? All the International drivers who have a current valid driver license in English are allowed to drive in NZ. Also note that whatever restrictions or conditions that your license bears, will also be applicable in NZ.
  • License: Your license should be in English and if it is not, you should either get an approved translation of your license or apply for an international driver permit. In case you are going for the ‘international permit’ option, make sure that you are carrying your original license with you while driving in NZ.
  • Plan your time: Though NZ is a small country, yet due to its winding roads the journeys usually take a lot of time, therefore it is better you check the distance that you have to cover through GPS etc, before heading. It will allow you to decide well about the breaks that you need to take to ward off fatigue which can be a bit of a setback to one’s concentration.

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