Tongariro National Park

Tongariro National Park is located in the center of the North Island and is spread across an extensive land area of 80,000 hectares. It has been awarded the Dual World Heritage Site status and encapsulates a number of emerald lakes, alpine meadows and New Zealand’s three active volcanoes-Tongariro, Ngauruhow and Ruapehu. Adding to the dazzling diversity of these volcanoes are the steaming craters, old lava flows and thermal lakes.

The park is also widely renowned for the “Tongariro Alpine Crossing”-the best day-trek available in New Zealand. It also houses a number of Maori religious sites, whereas several towns like Ohakune, Waiouru, Erua, national Park Village etc. are situated on its outskirts.

Key Highlights

  • The volcanoes situated here are active, with eruption as recently as August 2012.
  • The mountain ranges within the park have deep spiritual importance for Maori people.
  • Short and long-tailed bats-New Zealand’s only native mammal can be traced here.
  • The park’s landscape provide a perfect habitat for a wide range of native birds.

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