Albert Park

Albert Park

Albert Park- Overview

Albert Park is 15 acres of lush green cover, located at the center of Auckland. While some of its sections are dominated by formal gardens embellished with fountains, some have lawns adorned with statues and sculptures. Intriguing, right?  No wonder it is Aucklanders favorite spot. Another favorable factor is that this park is close to office buildings, a university, and a polytechnic college, such that the entire crowd from these structures flock it during their lunch breaks. It also remains their best choice on sunny days, when they visit it for a quiet under-the-shade-of-the-trees time. The fact that there are numerous inexpensive cafés at the university serves to its advantage as one can easily fetch take-out food and coffee when the need arises.

Auckland Park- Its Historical Importance

The park sits on a garrison site of historic importance, which used to protect the settlers from the native Maori tribes; the site dates back to 1850s. To the east of the park, behind university buildings, the remains of the stone walls with rifle slits can still be observed today. It is also known for Auckland Lantern Festival, which is celebrated here in winters.

How to Reach Albert Park?

From Queen Street in Downtown Auckland, take consecutive right turns into Wellesley Street and then into Princes Street. Then decide from where you want to access because the park can be accessed through Kitchener Street, Wellesley Street, Princes Street as well as Bowen Avenue.

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