Arthurs Pass National Park

Arthur’s Pass National Park is the highest pass in the Southern Alps and is comprised of a galore of peaks with estimated heights of over 2,000 meters. The large steep mountain ranges act as the backbone to the South island and are suitable for both long and short hiking trails.

Arthur’s pass village is a tiny village situated in the midst of the massive alpine ranges of the park. The village serves as a popular spot for world-famous TranzAlpine train and encloses a number of motels, hotels, cabins, cafeterias etcetera.
Visitors can either visit the Arthur’s Pass National Park via road or TransAlpine Train from Christchurch; nonetheless, both of them offer awe-inspiring views of natural landscapes. c

Key Highlights

  • Encloses several peaks, each with an average height of 2000 meters.
  • The main valleys are deep enough and feature steep sides.
  • An area of park features alpine fields with an abundance of wildflowers.
  • The Arthur’s village serves as a good base for short walks to nearby locations.

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