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Auckland Zoo

Albert Zoo – Overview

Auckland Zoo has been the part of Auckland’s attraction front since the 1990s. Located 4 miles west of Auckland, the most striking feature of the Zoo is that ever since its inception, it has always strived to provide its animals with the most natural habitats possible- breeding and conservation are also one of its main focuses.

Auckland Zoo’s Sections

Though it comprises of primates’ area, sea lion, as well as, penguin shores, yet the Pridelands’ section is, definitely the highlight. In Pridelands’ section, one can see lions, zebra, giraffes, rhino, and ostriches moving about in savanna-like grasslands. If you want to have a look at New Zealand treasure of flora and fauna, have a walk through New Zealand Native Aviary, and the Kiwi and Tuatara Nocturnal House- they both sit at the opposite ends of the zoo.

When to Visit?

It is a great place to visit in summers, as a number of music events are organized and hence would prove a great bonus!

Adopt an Animal at Auckland Zoo

Auckland Zoo allows one to adopt any or all of its inhabiting animals like red pandas, giraffe, Asian elephant, Sumatran tiger, New Zealand fur seal and the Tasmanian devil. All you have to do is buy the ‘animal carry crate’ for $50 which carries a soft toy of the adopted species with a personalized adoption certificate plus a factsheet which contains various facts about the adopted species.

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