Lake Brunner Shoreline

Lake Brunner

A Short Guide Of Lake Brunner

Lake Brunner is a popular tourist attraction situated in the northwestern region of the South island. It is the largest lake in the region and covers an average area of Moana, the main settlement of the lake is located on the northern shore of the island; it is also recognized as an important stop for the world famous Tranz Alpine train (it has been voted amidst the top six train journey in the World).

Prevalent Activities at Lake Brunner

Fishing, being Lake Brunner’s key attraction, attracts plenty of visitors.The lake houses an excellent collection of wild brown trout and operates all year around. Apart from fishing, visitors can indulge in various other adventurous activities offered at the Lake Brunner such as kayaking, boating, swimming etc.

Additionally, there are over 40 rivers or streams weaved around Moana; located within an hour drive from the town, they can be easily accessed by the travelers. Hence, Lake Brunner and Moana, form an important part of the West Coast scenic highlights.

John Rochfort named the lake as “Lake Brunner” to honor the 19th-century explorer, “Thomas Brunner”. Besides that, it is also known as “Kotuku Moana” in The Maori language, which means the “Sea of herons”.

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