Nairn Street Cottage

Nairn Street Cottage

Nairn Street Cottage- Overview

Once home to the Wallis family, Nairn Street Cottage is rightfully renowned as Wellington’s oldest home, as it dates back to 1857- the year when the family is known to have immigrated to New Zealand from England. As per the records, the ownership of the cottage remained with the family until 1970s, after which it was earmarked for demolition. However, the original owner’s granddaughter fought the decision with the help of Colonial Cottage Museum Society and succeeded in elevating the demolition orders.

More about the Museum

The Colonial Cottage became the first ‘house’ museum in Wellington and was opened in 1980, since then it has improved its various facilities and a new interpretation center was added in 1999. It was later registered under the New Zealand Historic Places Trust for its ‘outstanding significance’ and rightfully so as being the Wellington’s oldest cottage, it is indeed the window to the story of the Wallis Family who had lived there for three generations.

Admission Tour: The tour of the cottage covers the cottage and the stunning gardens and beautifully unfolds the story of these early settlers and their descendants.

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