Paradise Valley Springs

Paradise Valley Springs

Paradise Valley Springs

Located amidst native New Zealand green cover, Paradise Valley Springs is an immaculate wildlife sanctuary. It proves to be a perfect place for one to wander about the walkways while feeding the wildlife as one moves about.

Wildlife: A variety of animals from Deer to Pigs to Thar Wallabies etc can be seen here; it also allows the visitors to feed most of the animals in their natural habitat.

Rainbow and Brown Trout: There is an underwater viewing cave which allows one to observe the Trout; however they can also be observed closely in the crystal clear Trout pools besides the freshwater Eels.

Farm Animals: Various farm animals like Alpacas, Goats and Sheep etc can be found at the Streamside Farm walk.

Native Birds: This place allows one to have a look at South Island alpine parrots- the Kea and the native parakeets- the Kakariki; expect to find other birds like black swans, ducks, Tui, native wood pigeon, native Bellbirds and fantails etc.

Elevated Treetops Walk: The Rainforest Treetops Canopy Walk is about 6 meters off the ground in places. It is a great way to see many of the native trees; signups help a lot- they even convey the trees’ traditional uses in the Maori culture.

African Lion Pride: This is an enclosure in PVS which allows the visitors to get very close to African Lions- sometimes Lion Cubs are also made available for patting!

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