Rotorua Museum

Rotorua Museum

Rotorua Museum- Overview

Rotorua Museum is a must-see if you want to explore the region’s rich Māori culture from close quarters; it is interesting to note that it also gives much insight into the area’s volatile volcanic landscape and its striking history. It provides a vivid take on the aforementioned traits of the area through a variety of multi-media exhibitions.

Rotorua Museum- Highlights

It is also the best place to get the first-hand re-accounts of the stories relating to various aspects of this region. This has been achieved and is being implemented with flare through innovative displays, interesting cinematic experiences and highly informative guided tours. The fact that the museum has five changing galleries, and is always brimming with varied programs of art exhibitions, events, and touring shows, ensures that there is always something new for the visitors.

Rotorua Museum, which dwells in the iconic Bath House building, remains open for the visitors throughout the year; the visitors are even allowed to explore every nook and cranny of the building from the basement to the rooftop. Though the sheer size of the museum and its collection plus the rooftop views of the city and lake are enough to steal your breath, still if you want to make it even more meaningful, don’t miss the exhibition named Ngā Pūmanawa o Te Arawa – The Beating Hearts of Te Arawa. This exhibition is a must if you want to know about the area’s history when it comes to its indigenous people’ origins – Te Arawa.

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