skipper canyon

Skipper Canyon

All You Need To Know About Skipper Canyon

Skipper Canyon is an impressive gorge located in South Islands, at a distance of 22 km from the Queenstown. It is widely renowned because of the presence of Shotover River- one of the richest gold bearing rivers of New Zealand. It was named by William Gilbert Rees and his family who were the first European settlers in and around, where Queenstown is presently located.

Besides being such a busy gold-mining site, the Skipper canyon is also widely renowned for enclosing the first site where electricity was ever generated- the Bullendale, which is a small, former gold mining site, which is about somewhat 4 hours drive from the extreme end of the Skipper road.

How To Reach Skipper Canyon?
The Skipper Canyon can be accessed from the Queenstown via the skipper road; the same road that leads to Coronet Peak Skifield. This gravel road is better known as the New Zealand’s most scenic road. On the contrary, this road is deadly scary and is too steep with endless numbers of sheer drops. In fact, almost no car rental company will honor your insurance if you accidently bang your car at one of its deep cuts.

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