Sky Tower

Sky Tower

Sky Tower, Auckland- Overview

This 1,082-foot tower is located at the edge of Victoria and Federal Streets in Auckland. This observation and telecommunication tower is mostly the first choice when Aucklanders take their friends for their first Auckland visit ever; having a good look at the view of the city at Sky Tower certainly seems a great way to start one’s explorations.

What to Expect?

The most interesting thing that will come to your notice up at the main observation level is the glass floor panels, which gives the notion that the floor is absent. You brain will react as if you are about to fall but thank goodness that that fall never comes; however, it is a must as it gives a shocking view of the street hundreds of yards below. It has been observed that adults usually step cautiously onto the glass, whereas the kids find it highly entertaining and are seen jumping up and down on the floor in sheer joy.

The Various Things to Do…

Main observation desk is at level 51, however, note that there is also an outdoor observation level; Sky Lounge is at level 50, Orbit 360 dining is at level 52 whereas The Sugar Club restaurant, Sky Jump, and Skywalk – all are at level 53. Sky Jump, whose counterweight can be easily seen through the glass panels in the floor of the elevator, is a controlled leap off the 630-foot observation deck and can be enjoyed by paying NZ$225.

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