Waikato Museum

Waikato Museum

Brief Information About Waikato Museum

Waikato Museum represents an important phase of the Maori history and is located in the Hamilton City. It showcases more than 38,000 objects which cover Social History, Visual Arts, Tangata Whenua and Science collections. The Waikato Museum is basically divided into five main areas, namely, an art gallery, an interactive science gallery, Tainui gallery, a WWI exhibition entitled “For Us They Fell” and lastly, Waikato River exhibition.Likewise, the museum complex also has an ArtPost, a shop, and a beautiful gallery space which focuses on New Zealand art and design.

Waikato Museum Exhibitions

Waikato Museum hosts a number of interactive exhibition programs throughout the year. These programs share rich knowledge of the Maori region with an aim to engage and inspire both the local, as well as International visitors. Similarly, a dedicated part of these programs convey stories of New Zealand’s art, science, history, and culture.

The gallery space for New Zealand art and culture (one of the museum’s five distinct parts) encompasses a wide range of tourist exhibitions. These exhibitions portray an amazing collection of relics such as the magnificently carved 200 years old waka taua; findings from Maori taonga (treasures); beautiful artworks from new Zealand renowned artists and a lot more.

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