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Best Car Rental Deals in Auckland

Check out our New Zealand car hire categories — SUVs, 4x4s, 7-seaters, Compacts, and Standard: these are highly popular among the travelers. Hurry up! Book Now!

Hyundai Tucson or Similar
Hyundai Tucson or Similar
$ 23.22 /day
Toyota Highlander or Similar
Toyota Highlander or Similar
$ 38.96 /day
Toyota Hiace 7 Pax or Similar
Toyota Hiace 7 Pax or Similar
$ 63.14 /day
Chevrolet Spark
Chevrolet Spark
$ 35.76 /day

Cheap car rental in Auckland

Book a cheap car rental in Auckland city with New Zealand Car Rentals, and travel with ease. We provide you a simple list that lets you choose the perfect rental vehicle at the cheapest of prices.

Whether travelling with family, alone or for business with your colleagues, we have the perfect ride for you that is just a few steps away. Make a booking prior to your trip [ preferably 3 months before ], to avail better offers.

Popular rental companies in Auckland, New Zealand: New Zealand Car Rentals have tie-ups with numerous rental car companies in Auckland that are trusted worldwide for great services.

  • Thrifty
  • Bargain
  • Ace
  • Go Rentals

One-way car rental from Auckland lets you rent a car in Auckland and drop it almost anywhere in NZ. Our wide network of pickup points is dependable and will be at your service as soon as your trip begins.

Some of the most popular one-way trips that you can take from Auckland in a rental car are

  • Auckland to Wellington
  • Auckland to Rotorua
  • Auckland to Queenstown
  • Auckland to Christchurch
  • Auckland to Napier
  • Auckland to Hamilton

Popular rental cars for Auckland, NZ

The fleet of cars open for hire in Auckland comprises of various car sizes from multi-seaters to minis, 4×4 and sedans. Some of the popular choices are:

  • Luxury
  • Convertibles
  • SUV
  • Minivans
  • Vans
  • Economy

Eligibility for renting a car in Auckland, NZ:

  • You have to be 21 years of age to be able to rent a vehicle in your name.
  • You must be in possession of a credit card issued in your name.
  • You must have a valid Driver’s license.
  • A valid identity proof is a must.

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